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Welcome to Ethrica

Sun Jan 29, 2017 12:57 am by Watcher

Welcome to Ethrica.

Free land
Ruins and old abandon structures
history of migration
legend of the the gods
extra info here

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Sun Jan 29, 2017 1:24 am by Watcher

» Rules of the Site
Sun Jan 29, 2017 1:24 am by Watcher

» Welcome to Ethrica
Sun Jan 29, 2017 12:57 am by Watcher

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Rules of the Site

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Rules of the Site

Post by Watcher on Sun Jan 29, 2017 1:24 am

● RESPECT: You must honor all those around you, even if they are from different packs. We will not stand for any misbehavior on this site.
● LANGUAGE: Vulgar language is allowed almost anywhere on this website. Vulgar language must not be strewn about without reason. Please refrain from using too much chatspeak. Basic chatspeak such as 'lol' 'rofl' 'brb', etc. are allowed (in chat boxes and OORP). Friendly competition between Clans is allowed, but please take it no further than that.
● ACTIVITY: It is asked that you remain as active as possible on this site. We do not have any law of exactly how many times you must post in order to remain as an active member, however we may contact you if you become too inactive. If you are going on vacation or have big real-life events coming up, we ask that you alert your pack leader.
● USE COMMON SENSE: In the way of not posting inappropriate pictures or making inappropriate jokes. If you have any questions of whether or not what you want to post is appropriate, please talk to a moderator or administrator. We are happy to help you!

- Chatbox Rules

● Do not use vulgar language or make rude comments or post inappropriate links.
● Try not to SPAM too much!
● Do not attack other members. Friendly discussions or debates are allowed, but if they get out of hand you will be asked to drop the topic. If you are asked this, please do so.
● Do not beg for moderator status or anything else on the chatbox.
● Do not advertise other role-playing websites on the chat box!
● Have fun and enjoy the company of others!

- Role-Play Rules

● TRAVELLING IN ROLE-PLAY: If you ever leave your territory, you must be going somewhere! Therefore it is required for you to move to the said other thread where you are going, whether to hunt, fish, or patrol. If you're patrolling, you can just pick a certain part of the territory to patrol instead of moving from thread to thread. Additionally, border skirmishes are allowed!

● CHARACTER CREATION: When creating your character, no wings or other accessories are allowed when first created. We have a system in which you can go to an in-forum store and buy extra details and items to customize your character more deeply. Please keep your character to a somewhat natural coat color. Eye colors do not matter so long as they are not too obscure. Obscure eye colors can be purchased at the Antler Shop, as well as other additions. Powers are allowed, but keep it from being too over the top. You will be notified if you are over the top.

● INCLUSION & BEHAVIOR OUTSIDE OF ROLE-PLAY: Please include all members when you are role-playing. We don't want members to feel left out! Also remember that nothing that happens in role-play is happening in real-life. If a character dislikes yours, that doesn't mean that their user hates you too!

● SEMI-REALISTIC ROLE-PLAY: What we mean by this is do not god-mod or powerplay. This means that you do NOT control another person's character and cannot post what actions they do. For example, in a fight, you cannot say you tackled another wolf. You must say you jumped at them and the other person decides if they get hit. Similarly, in a fight, we ask that you even out the hits and misses and at least sustain realistic injuries. You will be warned if you are caught doing so. Wolves are not invincible, and try to make the role-play at a semi-realistic level!

● PROPHECIES: If you want to make a prophecy, please contact an administrator so we can discuss it with our moderators. We may give you permission for it! Please do not go off and make a prophecy without discussing it with anyone else. Thanks! This is also including events and important plot lines that you would like to do!

● STAY ON TOPIC: Do not go off-topic in your role-play post. We have an Off Topic section of the forum for that! If you have any comments relating to the role-play, please put them at the top of your post in parenthesis ( )

● CONTENT OF POSTS: Blood and Gore is perfectly fine in rp as well as curse words. But keep it pg-13. Scenes that are very explicit with Romance/Violence/Crude behavior should move to our mature category and mark the topic with the subjects they plan to execute.

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